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Washington Happenings and others……… admin

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Hey, how about that Rangel guy, would you be able to walk out of a court room hearing during a case against you??? I wonder just how far you and I would get, not even down the hall or across the street is my guess. RHIP for sure….Maybe the newly elected members of this fine body will straighten it all out soon. Why do people in/of power always have to make a mockery of our Justice systems in he good old USA?

The doings of the Lame Duck Congress……
I wonder what route will be taken, the one for handling the tax problem or the one that will tackle the ObamaCare problem? Time will tell.

Something for the locals here in Cape Coral,….When I lived in the Florida Keys a while ago, we all carried what was call “a locals card”. This card was used in many restaurants and establishments to good advantage. When it was produced, in this case after a meal, it signaled to the establishment that you lived in the keys and always provided you with a nice 10 percent discount. It was good for the establishment, providing make up for a good and returning customer base and word of mouth advertisement which can’t be beat. This kind of business advertising just might work for our businesses here in the Cape Coral area in these trying of times.

Have a fine week – God Bless America and all the folks.

3 Days Later…After the Dust has settled……by Admin

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Good Morning United States…..

Have you settled back into your routines???

Are your thoughts coming back into perspective???

Have you left the daily news channels and gone back to the “Cooking Channels”???

Has it not been fun!!!??? Some good outlook and some nail-biters in retrospect.

Relative to the new directions of the Repub. party, I think that the impetus of the push should have been toward JOBS, TAX reductions and then the ?ability to remove “ObamaCare”. Thats my way of looking at things. I think we all mostly recognize that it’s Free Enterprise and Small Businesses that generate the ability to provide JOBS to us individuals. The government has never produced anything along those lines unless you consider jobs made by the increase of our government. That’s the last thing we need, more government. I do hope that the Repubs and some proper thinking Dems provide a better horizon than what the short sighted governing folks have provided so far.
WE really need to stand up even more now since there is a definite
direction for a do nothing period of 2 years unless we really start to help provide ideas to our newly elected and incumbent representatives. Please consider writing to your elected officials with recommendations and ideas to see our country gets back on the right track. So as to provide “we the people” with the tools and abilities to gain back the productivity that made us so great a nation in the past.

“MADE IN THE USA” needs to be stamped on the sides and bottoms of products again as it was in the past. I for one am getting tired of seeing “Made in ?” and knowing that each one product indicates the loss of another item that made this USA.

WE need much more than “Shovel Ready” jobs – we need manufacturing plants that produce at levels that are competitive with the world markets. This country is now ?surviving? on a service oriented posture, something that can never and does not help our intrinsic value. It was testified that this country would not purchase its own debt by the Fed chief. This past Wednesday, that’s just what happened. WE are lied to again and expected to just sit back and take it because the government says so. Do you realize that with each pass of the printing press and each spit out of the dollar bill, your pocket dollar decreases. It costs more each day to just exist. The decline of our currency in the world market is not what “we the people” bargained for, at least I didn’t.

Stand up and let your feelings be known to the folks who make the laws before it’s too late..

Good Bless America

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All

Where is your thinking today???…Time is short……….by admin

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How are your thoughts forming???, are you getting ready to stake your claim in the voting booth??

How about the car that is being talked about endlessly, where do you want to sit???? What do you think of the Presidents remark regarding “sitting in the back seat”?? What about sitting along side, on a bench seat of sorts, and helping to make the necessary and important decisions we need to have made. I for one, feel that that is the most comfortable, I don’t like to look at the back of peoples heads who claim to have all the answers for this country’s problems. This same remark goes for both parties and would have the same relative meaning and direction if the positions were reversed. The folks who started this country working together did great things and the same must be applied today. In my humble opinion, these 2 years past have been a nightmare for decent folks and the greater institution of this country. Nowhere has it ever been proven that the government has provided impetus for the starting of businesses. Business start up is by individuals and personal collaboration rather than input from any form of government. As I see it, government has always had its hand out, to always take away a good portion of the fruits of individual imagination and development. A person does not first approach the government for his business ideas and start up, a person starts and forms and then goes to the government to receive instruction as to how he will be relieved of a good part of his gains. You can contribute to the demise of this principle if only you stand up, take up a stance and help to position this country of ours so we again take the high road instead of the low.
Look at all the options, look for people who will honor the constitution and move to keep its “teachings” alive. Future generations are depending on this.

DO THE RIGHT THING on November 2, 2010……..

Attention Florida Voters…………..From E-Mail

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Subject: Attention FL voters!

I am sure most of you have heard that the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the people of the state of Florida should not have a chance to vote on health care freedom. They have taken Amendment 9, the Florida Health care Freedom Act, off of November’s ballot. Thankfully, we have a way to send a message to the Justices on the Court. In November two of the Justices that voted AGAINST health care freedom will be on your ballot. They are not running against anyone, it is just a yes or no question but we want to make sure that these two people do NOT make their way back to the bench. This has never been done before, these guys are always retained with 60-ish %, not this time!

The two offenders are PERRY and LABARGA. We want to vote to NOT retain these two freedom-haters. There will be more information about this in the coming weeks and there is a grassroots effort underway right now to educate the people about these two and their vote against freedom and the people of the state of Florida. Remember those names: PERRY and LABARGA and DO NOT retain them. Please start spreading the word to all the tea party and 9-12 groups, your friends, and social networks. This is an important one because health care freedom could go to the Court again and we want to make sure the Supreme Court doesn’t take our voice away a second time.


Election Day Nears….Are you brushing up on the issues???

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The days are getting short – time to really get into the meat of things.

Find the most important issues in your town, city, local and don’t forget the national issues..

Have a great day……

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