CZARS……Some for you, Some for me….Maybe just one [1]……..Admin/Cape Coral

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??????????Did I hear correctly????????
A Possibility of DEFUNDING the CZARS……God, I hope so…

Recalling a statement by the esteemed Dr. Charles Krauthammer, “Maybe from now on, just one Czar per Administration”, How do you feel about this, did you even know that so many Czars existed in the White House and environs?
Talk about needless spending, WOW, don’t you wonder just how much of your money is being used to make laws that will take even more money away from you, us and the families over time.
This country of our is based on 2 congressional houses making the laws and keeping us on the straight and narrow. Inviting others in the back door to do bidding on subjects that we have no knowledge is in my view, unjust and nefarious.

The order of business is to stop the spending, not make the government larger thereby contributing to more tax and spend incentives. We must stop the movement in its tracks and reduce taxes so as to initialize the incentives needed to bring our money back home.

All of us need to contact our government reps and send this message. The teeter-tottering has begun, we have to teeter in the right direction otherwise our descendants will have nothing to totter against or with.

God Bless America

One Nation Under God,Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All….


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