THE BELTWAY, a new makeup???…admin/CapeCoral

In Political on June 22, 2011 at 1:35 pm

The Beltway, it’s wrongly named now….

There should be two (2) rings around Washington. D.C.

The first one called the “Choker” and the real inner one
called “The Strangler”

The choker, encompasses all the folks outside of “The Strangler” who make the laws that are unfortunately choking off the life of our country by passing laws and directives that render our job producing initiatives almost useless. Ideas that stop our companies from building profitable business and forcing jobs and productivity to leave our shores. So many things come to mind.

The most inner ring (circle), the Strangler is composed of the White House and its environs. There the most hurtful of ideas seem to spring forth and if the peoples will is not of its liking, the ideas are cast aside and issues are put in place behind closed doors. They will not appear until the “bills” are passed as voiced by Ms Nancy Pelocy.

Everyday that passes places us further and further into jeopardy.

Thinking men of reason are needed more and more, help us and the country find them before it is too late.


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