eFoods Global – Your best Food choice for your Preservation..

In Business, Food and Staples, Home Projects, Opportunity on April 24, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Hey Folks; will you and your family be prepared to preserve yourselves when the going gets real rough. Will you have enough Food Reserves to prevail for at least 6 months up to 2 years??
You can help yourself right here with the best food staples you can get to help you through the worst of times. Maybe your relatives and neighbors too…Look into it, you won’t be disappointed.

Yours and mine food prices are on the march. I went to the market yesterday and again experienced another price increase of my last visit. The cereal prices are on an upswing just like the gas prices at the pump. What used to cost $40.00 now costs $60 to $70.00 with out question. A small investment in the above named product may just be the key to helping you and me when the end of the month comes along and the old checkbook is running on empty. Gonna give that some serious thought for sure. You and I will save on gas too because the stuff is delivered and we won’t have to move out of the house. Savings just might be two fold….Yea, I know that delivery can be expensive but formulate a plan and that cost can be resolved maybe.
WE must get a plan, the costs are just gonna keep rising, especially, if this government of our keeps permitting folks to use more and more of our corn for fuel. The cereal prices will never stop escalating.
Speaking of fuel, what are your thoughts regarding the benefits that have been given Brazil and Petrobras??? Our 2.5 billion dollars for oil exploration for their benefit and the permitting of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico with the use of a large area for oil storage here in our backyard is not making sense and should not be allowed. Where do we fit in, just putting up the $$$$$$ is all, nothing else..What gives????

Time to get rid of the EPA and all the Presidents CZARS….Let’s get that done this time around…..Happy Easter to ALL….


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