A fine tour of WINK TV Studios at 10:30 AM this morning………comments by a lucky Admin..

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Tour of the WINK TV and Radio Studios in Ft. Myers, Fla today at 10:30 am.
A tour offered by WINKTV and FMARC, our local Ham Club.

I met the attending members of the Ft. Myers Amateur Radio club at the studios on Martin Luther King Blvd at 10:30 am and were met by Bert, a member of the staff at WINK TV. A fine dissertation was presented and with that, we began our tour. For me, it had been quite sometime since I had had an occasion such as this, the last time being, visiting the studios of WNHC TV and Radio located in New Haven, Connecticut. The contrast between these stations was of course very noticeable since these are the days of Digital and HD and those earlier days were about Analog TV and no digital whatsoever. Quite a change.
We were ushered into the live studio and witnessed the 11:00 am news hour with all the explanations and question and answer sessions nicely fit into the advertisement and remote video/audio remote sections of the broadcast schedule. The transition into computer based management of programming is immediately in evidence versus the old tape and video tape sessions that I remember from the workings of WTNH.
The group was split into two groups and we separately had a chance to view the major control room, satellite control rooms for radio since there are a number of different stations operating at the same time providing music and commentary for all listening wants. Our guide certainly presented his workplace with pride and it was very enjoyable listening to him reiterate the many facets of the TV and Radio operations. The group was also lucky enough to have pictures taken with one of the personalities of the complex. The contrast between then and now will stay with me for sure. It was a very enjoyable 2-1/2 hours of my day. as I am sure it was for the others of our Amateur Radio Club, Ft. Myers Amateur Radio Club. My thanks to the club for organizing such a nice and informative affair.

God Bless America……It’s tours like this that make me realize how precious our FREE SPEECH really is……..


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