How are your Entitlements holding up????

In Business, Government, personal and business, Political on April 18, 2011 at 9:45 pm

It’s Here, It’s Here America, the 11th Hour has finally come…

The Handwriting on the Wall has gotten bigger and still we need glasses to read the signs….What is taking so long America???When will the stupid bickering end and true realization take hold??? How much longer before the Congress of the United States begins to see and hear the voices of you and me, the average American.
I listen to the radio, I sit, listen and watch the Television proclaim the gains that we have made in the financial arena, the jobs arena, the food for the poor programs and the education of our children. On the other hand, I sit, listen and watch the television, listen to the radio while I am driving and can continually hear opposing views and viewpoints. It’s so sad and maddening being presented with this information, all the while, knowing that it is just rhetoric from both sides of the isle as well as the White House with no real end to the problems being or wanted to be given.
The question is this, how much more of this crap are you and I willing to take??? Obama preached a form of togetherness before the inauguration and that certainly has fallen by the wayside. The status now is to preach re-election and dis-jointedness in almost one sentence. The Tea Party seems to be the only ones using constraint during there meetings about the United States. The left has begun to show their ugliness with each passing event and day. 2012 must be the year that sees many of the old guard retired and more new blood instated into our government. People with foresight and fortitude…
Living here in Florida has shown some interesting insights to our political system. The local news paper, The News-Press had a rather long and detailed opinion describing the absolute need to shut down all oil drilling and exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. The opinion person proclaimed that the tourist income must be guarded at all cost and that the beaches here along the gulf must always be pristine to ensure the continuing inflow of same. We appreciate the cleanliness aspect for sure and do enjoy the beach on many occasions. We also feel that the tourist industry hereabouts needs a continuing influx to contribute to the health of the area, but also a relatively inexpensive avenue of travel to provide the currency necessary to maintain the industry. If the means of arriving here is so expensive due to high gasoline and other energy costs, the environment will indeed suffer due to a lessoning of individuals to meet the needs of the businesses located in the area. Certainly, as the article mentioned, were we to rely on Wind and Solar energy providers, how would tourists, if you will, be able to get here. I see no method of propulsion using these energies readily available to us, much less, providing anything in the near future.
Our EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is doing everything in its power to stall this country’s growth using our own resources, relegating us to be continually dependent on foreign suppliers. WE give nothing to our businesses but yet, give other countries the means to do what we so desperately need for our job hungry Americans. What kind of reasoning is that????
How can we listen to folks who proclaim the use of Solar energy to suit our needs when they admit that it takes a good investment to get started and then 20 years before you can see a positive return on investment. Most of the folks living here in SW Florida no longer have that time horizon. This country of ours needs to bend to the task and open our regional resources to the best companies for the supply of much needed energy for our future survival. If we do not, how else can we maintain our standard of living???? The continual borrowing of capital from other countries to finance our debt can be stopped if only we turn around and help each other begin new ventures without government intervention and stiff regulation.

Think about the Flat Tax……get rid of the IRS

Look for candidates who are in favor of reducing taxes, not always adding new…

Think about providing a business friendly government, not one who is aggressively against…

There are so many other particulars……more on those later….

God Bless America……Please don’t forget the REPUBLIC…..It needs YOU


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