Here comes the “Eleventh Hour” – are we Prepared??????

In Business on April 8, 2011 at 11:17 am

If you are a Democrat, are you feeling good about the politics in D.C.???

If you are a Republican, the same question remains….

If you are a Independent voter, the same question remains, but are you so far, satisfied with the expected results of both parties???

During the interviews that have been presented on our TV’s, have you seen anything that gives you confidence in the existing strategy so far???

Why is the debate on the spending issues only limited to the difference between 60 billion and 33 billion???? These numbers are fictitious and not relevant to the on going problems. The newest elected members of our political environment are calling for far more reductions in spending and still the opposition calls for nothing but ridiculous amounts and ridiculous programs. Where is the realization that this Republic of ours is BANKRUPT!!!!.How come the powers that be cannot see the forest for the trees??? Are they so enclosed inside of the Beltway, so sheltered by their aids etc, that no news of the dire economic problems cannot be heard and seen??? Surely, the elections of November 2010 provided a very loud and constant resonance of the voters feelings and direction.
The Tea party has it right as far as I can see. They engaged themselves in the public outcry and made their/our feelings known. Since that happened, they are being ostracized by the likes of Senator Harry Reid and Senator Charles Schumer. These folks have no sense of respect for our constitution nor it seems, do they really know what it contains and how it works. Bewildering is the fact that they continue to be re-elected to undermine the very core of this Republic for gains of folks who no longer have this country in their hearts.

Let’s stop this madness and put our country back on the right track.

God Bless America…….


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