How Much?, How Much More? How Much More Money will it cost???y

In Business, Government, History, Political, Taxes on March 30, 2011 at 7:04 pm

How much America??????

How much more are you willing to take????

How much more are you willing to give???

I presume, I hope, that some/most of you have heard the spoken words of New York Senator Charles Schumer. Indeed, it was an open mic and something that we all are not always privy to. Those words should be ringing all kinds of alarm bells in your mind. If the thoughts of the Senator are as he spoke, explaining his line of thought by reiterating words as promulgated by the Democratic committee, it follows to ask if all his words are indeed not original but just words of others. You must wonder why the elites of the Democratic Party hate the Tea Party??? Schumer’s words define it nicely, they are deathly afraid that the financing of their life style will be severely curtailed if the Tea Party and its minions become the leaders of the government. His words proved to me that folks of his ilk do not have the needs and desires of the american taxpayer at heart. Neither do they have any feelings for the middle class, only needing them enough to provide the money to finance the luxury life style to which we have provided access for elites such as he and Howard Dean. What a tragedy that we ordinary Americans, with our voting practices, without enough time to really research prominent issues because of pressing needs to provide for our families , furnish the vehicle to attain the high offices from which they rule over us. It’s sickening when you realize that your tax money provides an impetus for your elected official to take more from you and place you another rung down on the ladder.

Folks of the REPUBLIC, please take another look, take stock of the goings on and stand with the people who just wont take it anymore. Realize how the Tea Party, composed of ordinary citizens like you and
me can help stabilize our country before it’s too late. Let’s help to make our dollars contributed, taxed and passed to our government start to help bring our REPUBLIC back to a sound footing and regain the respect that was ours in past years.

There are so many more issues that Schumer’s words bring out. Such as, why have we not begun to drill back here in the Gulf of Mexico???
Why does the President talk as if he is in favor of oil when in listening to his words, he really wants no part of it instead, relying more on Foreign Oil??? The old adage of Wind, Solar, Green products is wearing thin. We all know that they all require more and more government assistance to mature, meaning, that we all have to give more and more to sustain them with no real foreseeable benefit gained.

Folks, we have to stop being mesmerized by the high office words.
The gain is no longer reachable……..

God Bless America…….


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