USA….Please do not let us fall any further behind…Do something….by Admin

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2011 at 7:54 pm

What kinda crap is this, is Washington in a rut, can’t they see the Forrest for the trees.
How long will this go on?????
Time is running out for these jokers, for sure…The days are counting down for all up there. The Democrats had plenty of time – they had the house for 2 years and did nothing but condemn and criticize the Republicans for doing nothing in the 8 years before. What a waste of the publics time and money.
What will happen to the countries that have taken up a stance with us in the world?? The indecisions from the White House are legion. Parties and golf seem to be the main stay of the house. The President is in a state of flux like I have never seen. Boy, they criticized President Bush for making wrong statements on occasion but at least when he spoke, the words made sense and you could understand where he was coming from. Not this time….
I heard Donald Trump on a short discourse on TV this pm and he said something that really rings true – in so many words, he said that we have saved the middle east from disaster, spent trillions in doing so, spent our future lives there with enormous losses and now will just leave and give the property back, without getting paid one nickel for our efforts except continual bad mention…How does that work and how does that fit your ideas????? Considering all the oil in Iraq, we should own a part of it, sure would help our situation here for sure. It sure would help some in my opinion if we stood up more often and proved to the rest of the world that we still had some backbone. I think more appreciation would soon follow….

Have a great week….God Bless America and all its people…..


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