USA….USA…..USA…..Where is my “USA”, have you seen it lately??????

In Uncategorized on March 14, 2011 at 9:31 pm

USA….Where have you gone, Where have I and so many other put you????
What’s happened to the LEADERSHIP that made my country great???
Where are the folks who stood up and took a stand to get things done.
The daily goings on in Washington do nothing to create a sense of confidence for the hardships ahead and ever present.
The officials whom we placed our confidence in come and go as if in a swinging door. Statements are made, retracted and replaced by more confusing statements and the originator then resigns his position.
No one it seems, in any responsible position, is able to present a forthright method of running our government. Representative of this is the constant and continuing resolutions presented to keep our union in motion and solvency. The funny thing about all this is, the most responsible persons who should be involved are either out of the country or on the golf course. What gives???

The Japan condition will make our situation so much worse. We pray for those folks who have lost all and are faced with so much hardship to regain their personal stature.
Our ability to pay our bills in the future will be made so much harder because of the lack of funds from the Japanese into our bond markets.
My country’s leadership needs to be right on their toes to be able to circumvent the hard bumps yet to come.
A disappointing aspect of all this with relation to our energy problems is the negative cry to hold up and slow the building of newer nuclear facilities here in the country to help with our looming energy crisis. The mainstream/state run media is already making noises regarding the hazards that the Japanese folks will face and share with possibly the coming generations. This is not the right thing to so severely publicize since we do not really know the ramifications of the effects of the shutdowns of the reactors. Too early to tell in my estimation…
Where is the hue and cry about more drilling in our resource areas????
Why are we not following Bill Clinton’s advice???? Again it seems, the store is being run with incompetents who never held a responsible position to provide another human being with a lively hood. Why is this so hard to see??? Why is this government so dead set against small business or for that matter all business???
Why should it be so difficult to provide Capitalism with a more noteworthy foot hold????
Why is it, it seems, always to make the rungs on the ladder to business success weaker, rather than supplying a stronger, wider ladder to reach the top???. Our forefathers provided us with free enterprise capabilities to prove Capitalism. It sure worked before, and should again and always.
Unfortunately, so much of this derisive situation and negative learning is being provided to our young folks in the present schooling methods.
A lot of re-education will be needed if we keep on the path we are on.

WE must keep our eye on our currency and the effects of all this so far away. The coming inflation due to the shortage of monies from Japan into our bond markets could very well be the most devastating mechanism for our country.
We wish the folks well in any case and hope that the helping hands of the United States will hasten Japan’s recovery.

Catch you later……God Bless America……


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