The handwriting on the wall is getting ever larger and larger….Admin

In Government, Political, Political parties on February 21, 2011 at 8:46 pm

>>>>>>>>The walls are coming down and the WRITING is getting Larger..
Wow – who would have thought that this time period would provide such moving instances of public unhappiness with their respective governments.
The trigger was unusually quiet with regard to violence in the 1st instance with Egypt. WE all thought that is would be more or less benign and not have too large an effect on the rest of the region. Little did we know how this would mushroom into what we see now.

Seems the ruling class in these affected countries have a lot of consequence to deal with as well as our country with its particular in-fighting that is occurring now in Wisconsin. That gets me to what I want to say about the Wisconsin problem. Wisconsinites should/must realize that the governor was duly elected by the majority and all really knew just what was to be offered when he took office. It was clarified in debates before the election and was brought to the fore in news broadcasts. The free and easy going of folks who work for the government and associated agencies is now coming to an end. The state is financially crippled with nowhere to go. Referring to the Democrats who abandoned ship and ran to Illinois should be terminated or recalled to explain their actions. This is a democratic republic and running away from your respective positions should not be tolerated by anyone.
The teachers who have violated their contracts via fake sick time should be removed without pay for a period of time. What a travesty, what a lesson for our school children who are still participating in class room studies. My vote is for the Governor of Wisconsin who is definitely doing the right thing to get the state back up and running properly.
This will give impetus to other states also to finally get the impetus to re-work the state budgets and regain their appointed place in the grand union and Republic of ours.
Catch you the next time – Gotta go for now…..


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