Sovereign Man Notes from the Field Date: February 18, 2011 Reporting From: Panama City, Panama

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Sovereign Man
Notes from the Field
Date: February 18, 2011
Reporting From: Panama City, Panama


This is Holly Pain for Simon Black. As I write this, Simon is onstage, addressing more than 300 people in Panama City, Panama as we begin our unique workshop on internationalizing your life and assets.

Attendees will start taking action right here at the conference, meeting with our experts and starting the process of gaining more freedom and opportunity.

Simon has invited a cadre of his most highly esteemed and personally vetted contacts from around the world to enlighten us about the legalities and logistics of opening banks accounts abroad, gaining second (or third) passports, creating offshore structures and generally becoming more sovereign and independent.

He has also created a workbook full of all the documents attendees need to start taking action right now, here in Panama.

To our knowledge, there’s no other workshop that combines the depth and breadth of knowledge — actionable knowledge — that we’re presenting here.

Today we’re hearing from experts who specialize in:

* International Asset Protection;

* Planting Business Flags in Singapore, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Nevis, among other places;

* Planting Financial Flags in Ecuador, Belize, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Western Europe; and,

* Gaining Residency and/or Citizenship in at least a dozen jurisdictions — St. Kitts, New Zealand, Uruguay, and the EU among them.

We’re tweeting live from Panama (@thesovereignman) with updates throughout the weekend.

We’re also recording the whole thing so that those who cannot be here can learn everything we’re learning and achieve the same access to these dynamic specialists that we have.

More soon.

Until tomorrow,
Holly Pain

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