A Time to Look in the Mirror…………Blog Admin

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2011 at 12:03 pm

America – It’s time to look in the mirror!!!!!
America – It’s time to get rid of the EPA or parts thereof!!!!
America – It’s time to really get out and speak loud to our present Government!!!

Drill Baby Drill should be on everyones lips…Why is there such a block??

Why are there folks in power who will not see the light or worse yet, don’t want to see the light/handwriting on the wall???
Carol Browner is GONE….There must be more that can be persuaded to leave and make room for more enlightened representatives to bring this United States back on its feet. Why are the opportunities given to countries who do not really have our interests at heart?
Drop the business tax to a comfortable level so that incentives are created here on our shores and environs. Follow the lead of our own Rick Scott who plans to do just that, end the business tax and provide the incentive. Take a lead from the governor of Wisconsin, invite business with good incentives and they will come and provide the jobs that are so needed here in the USA.

Wake up folks, do the right thing, get going to provide the movement that will save this America for our kids and future generations.

God Bless America and all our peoples……


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