Just a Note on our 1st Amendment, Long may it Stand…..Blog Admin

In Uncategorized on January 20, 2011 at 7:55 pm

Your 1st Amendment, My 1st Amendment, Everybody’s 1st Amendment (USA)……
WE are seeing the reason for the 1st Amendment, it’s being displayed for our perusal everyday. It’s being used at the gathering of our elected Congress folks to the every day meetings of folks on the street, homes, bars, bowling alleys, fire houses, businesses, court rooms, etc. The list is endless. Step back for a moment and think of what would happen if a law was resolved to curtail FREE SPEECH. How would you conduct your business??? How would you have a discourse with your equals in important matters that concern your everyday needs. Most of all, how would you really be able to read a newspaper article opined by an author disgruntled by the local, national government. Those words would have to be parsed so as not to raise anger in the society that controls Political Correctness. The words would no longer present the actual meaning that the author wished to communicate. Be realistic – would you enjoy living under this condition?? Truer words would never be spoken.
Its good that our fore fathers who had such insight to write these words were there. Had they not have been, our country would not exist as it is today.

Its just fine with me that we can have our elected officials get up and say anything literally in the houses of congress. This very act exemplifies the need of un-encumbered speech as it exists now. The very fact that there are people in our society that would curtail this very important part of our history is bone chilling. Please don’t allow anyone to begin encumbering our system of government in that way.
WE live on our ability to use words and not armament to settle arguments.

God Bless America, for the Republic for which we need to stand.
Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All…..


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