Handwriting on the Wall>>>>It is getting larger…….Blog Admin 01/17/2011

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The handwriting on the wall is getting larger by the minute!!!!!

Our currency’s strength is being questioned more and more by the country who holds our enormous DEBT. China has now gotten another step up the ladder of leadership. Sorrowfully, we have given China that handhold/toehold relentlessly with our movement of JOBS from this country to theirs. WE stood by, watched with GLEE as cheap products came by the boatload to our society that has become nothing but consumers. It seems not a one of us ever questioned what was going to happen as the years counted down to this day when the Chinese President openly declares that we are now really second rate. Indeed, it took quite some time to get here but now we must act to save our REPUBLIC.
The country needs leaders who will put country first above all. These folks have to have the vision to reduce the enormous business taxes and reduce the outrageous pension benefits that have been allowed to come to reality. It’s been a great ride through this last half century when our country became a giant, helped all the world recover from the horrific 2nd world war, etc. WE made great strides in manufacturing and became a creditor nation. Unfortunately, we became too generous to our people and that cost us economic opportunity.WE have now
become a Creditor Nation. All our wages moved up rapidly, mine included, we all enjoyed the benefits that came with this new richness. The unions engaged more and more and demanded more and more. Our businesses soon realized that the only way to stay in profit was to move offshore and find cheap labor to pay for the demand on cheap products. We all watched as they moved away and too late realized the ramifications that were to occur. Along with the financial aid that was given to these countries producing our cheap goods, we gave them our manufacturing secrets too, to enable them to make the products faster so that they could keep up with this countries and others demands.
Those were the heydays when we thought the DOLLAR would always be there, nothing could take its place. Guess what, you don’t need glasses anymore to read the handwriting on the wall. Its Huge. History is starting to repeat itself, but no one bothers to read history anymore. So much is cut out by the Liberals in government that it is no longer interesting when the words steer you into sleepiness rather than into excitement.
The results of the statement, “You must sign the bill first before you read it” are starting to bear the ugly fruits of our falling stature. In just 10 days here in SW Florida where I live, the price of gasoline has gone from $3.05 to $3.16/gallon. The price of Coffee has risen sharply as have many other items on the grocery shelves.
Why does our intelligent population want to furnish our children with this uncontrollable debt and frustration??
Your help is needed right now to get the Washington scene back on a road that will benefit this country not just the leaders of the Republic.

May God Bless us ALL and not forget to Bless America.

To the Nation in which we live, may we have Liberty and Justice for all.


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