Has it Ended>>>>Has it come to a Stop………Blog Admin 1/12/11

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Stop, Stop, Stop…..Take the Blinders off before we go over the cliff.

What is going on with the liberal left???Do they really have blinders on??
This furor that has been generated since Saturday 8 January is deadly.
It sort of reminds me of the movie “Thelma and Louise” when the car is speeding toward the edge of the cliff. If you recall there was a rest period and then the gas was applied and the car and its occupants flew over the cliff. This is just what is happening now before our very eyes in our Republic. I think the rest period has come and gone and the pedal pressure is being applied for the take off. If we don’t stop again and take stock of what we have here it’s going to be too late. The train will have left the station and Elvis will have really left the building. The use of this tragedy to generate unbelievable hatred for each other and even to use the occasion as a funds raiser as was done by one person who resides in one of our northeastern states was beyond the pale. Personal and Political gains are not what this nation should be looking for at a time such as this. WE need to stand together even though there may be differences in our core values. Maniacal terrorism is not needed when we face so many more important issues.
There are many more issues at hand and I will post my thoughts on these next time.

May God bless our America…..


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