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How SAD………I cannot believe how fast it was ascertained that the right side of our wonderful country was pinpointed and convicted of the atrocious events of Saturday 8 January, 2011. It was just a matter of hours after the shooting when already everyone on the right was accused and thought to be a part of this madness. What mystifies me is how the instantaneous hatred appears and takes over the minds of some of our people. What must they feel in everyday life toward someone who they disagree with. In just normal conversation between folks there can be a prickly point raised and you wonder if that same feeling/condition exists at those times. I had occasion to read some of the statements issued by blogging folks on a number of the wordpress blogs, WOW, the language used against [right wingers] was horrible. Many folks I find have no real good command of our language and that is unfortunate. I am not a scholar and certainly make my share of mistakes but I do try to correct as best I can so that my readers can make sense of my comments. Some of the comments were really bad and not a good indicator of our schooling.
That said, The conclusions that were drawn from early reports on Saturday were astounding. Facts had hardly begun to be brought out and good people were already convicted and being sent to prison.
This man is a deranged soul, should have been helped long before this episode but due to our politically correct stance on so many issues, was not, in my humble opinion. Where is the left on this issue??
Unfortunately, the cry has begun again for more laws to ?Stabilize?
our country. Another step in the depletion of our sovereign rights. Quoting someone from the past?, Guns don’t kill people, people do. It certainly showed again on Saturday. This man apparently had admission against Rep. Giffords according to the latest reports that I have heard. His record indicates that he was troubled should have provided an insight as to his presumptions for his future. Where were his parents in all this??? I have not heard any mention of consequence regarding them and their part in all of this. I do hope that more of this information will be forthcoming.
May God Bless America……

One Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for All..


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