112th Congress – Disappointing was the start… Admin

In Uncategorized on January 6, 2011 at 8:40 pm

The reading of the United States Constitution……..

I heard the beginning read of the constitution and was heartened by the dual participation of both Democrats and Republicans. A nice start I thought to a better beginning than what we have had in a long time.
Little did I know what was to happen while I was in my music class. I turned on Fox News in the car and was annoyed to hear that the reading was subjected to editing and also the removal during the recital of certain amendments.
Why should this have happened????? I thought that these new folks would have the fortitude to read all that was written by our founding fathers. Not leave out parts that would be considered to be [offensive] to our people. What is wrong with presenting all that was written without editing so as not to step on some ones toes???? We are all adults and do not need such antics for our supposed good.
This would have been good for all folks who have not had the opportunity to read this document or never had the time to do so.
I hope that this elected congress will be more cognizant during its rein.

How come no one in the statist press seems to care about the rising gas prices??? How come no one seems to care about the rising food prices. How come no one seems to care about our country’s resources as regards oil and gas? and why does the EPA continue to make it more and more difficult to do business in these sectors???
I say, lets get rid of the EPA and all it’s satellites. Think of the money that would be saved. Add the reduction of the corporate tax structure for all our businesses and much more would be gained by the addition of more workers to the company payrolls and more taxes being paid by these workers. More goods being purchased by these same workers and more sales taxes being collected for the state and government coffers. Less corporate taxes = more business expansion and with that, more jobs created and more taxes collected. Why are so many liberal folks against this reasoning????
WE need the complete removal of all restrictions to the access to our resources so that we can again provide a better situation for our folks.
Plain and simple, get rid of the political hacks who continually stand in the way of this country’s progress.
Help our country start producing again. Stop the transfer of our wealth to countries who so not have our interests at heart. Americans are the most generous folks in the world, stop the erosion of our wealth so that we may continue to be so.

My saying ” Money costs Money” surely is standing out now as we borrow our way to oblivion using the country of China as our ATM.
Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop…..before it’s too late.

God Bless America…..
Long may she stand, with Liberty and Justice for All…..


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