Drilling and Gasoline….Are the chickens coming home to roost?????

In Uncategorized on January 4, 2011 at 4:27 pm

I almost fell over when I heard that the Administration is contemplating the moratorium for some Oil companies in the Gulf. Can this be correct?, has the Admin lost it’s way?? I applaud the thinking of some administrators but I wonder from where this wisdom has come. I and many of you I hope, feel good about this move. The employment ratios here in the Gulf of Mexico should hopefully swing in the positive direction.

I like the drilling aspect and what it can do but, to go along with this renewal of energy, we must build the needed refineries that are required to process this additional fuel as it comes from the ground. We should not load the crude on tankers and sail away to foreign ports. Just think, the employment that will be created in the surrounding states, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas could possibly be staggering. Think of a small part if you will, the crews that will be on station in the gulf as will as the shores, the support vessels and helicopter crews that are needed, the list goes on, right down to the many eating places that will be utilized along with the produce that will be needed to feed these crews. Wow, it sure entices a bright picture as compared to what picture is there now. Write your local congressional folks and continue to mention this in your letters and e-mails. If this could be done and re-vitalized, maybe the rest of our country will get on board begin to see the light.

Gasoline prices are continuing their upward climb. My neighborhood station just down the block has regular fuel at $3.08, up from $3.03 in just 2 weeks. Here in Cape Coral, Sw Florida, prices really fluctuate, seen it as high as $3.19 too.
If you think that these prices will retract soon, you are looking in the wrong direction.
I am afraid what will happen here in my area when the price approaches $4.00 and more a gallon. What will happen to folks that are now living on the edge and can not stand the addition of another $.50 to $.75 per gallon. As an aside, I wonder now just how some folks can afford to ferry their children to the many activities that are now required of them. It has to be some burden on the household budget. I know it would be on mine.

The new 2011 Congresses first requirement should be the reduction of the deficit and the severe spending policies that have been put in place behind closed doors and on holiday weekends. The Obama-care program needs a real critical eye but I feel our new reps should be very careful as to the direction taken so as not to jeopardize the gains that were made on November 2, 2010.

We wish all our readers a fine 2011.


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