GASOLINE>>>>It’s really coming into the Mainstream NOW….by blogger admin.

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I cant think of anyone or anything that really does not need it to some extent. The price here in the Cape is just around $3.06 per gallon. The price of oil is now above $91.00 per barrel. It’s destined to go higher and as that increases so does the price at the pump. Why is the promotion of our own resources being stalled by the Secretary of the Interior?
Who are agencies, the people who have their thumb on the will of the rest of us. By the rest of us, I mean the folks who really want to start this country on a path to self reliance. One of the agencies is the EPA, who dictate it seems all the directions that this country has taken with regards to energy, its uses and restrictions. How can we have allowed the hold on all drilling and excavation for resources while we continue to forward our dollars to foreigners. This every occurrance continues to devalue our currency and adds in making our country poorer. The job generation in the energy field would be huge if we were allowed to build up this industry in its proper fashion. Lets get with it America, we need to resolve this problem before our money is worthless and our country loses its stature and our currency becomes a second rate denomination.
Conservation groups also have had a hand in the blocking of land needed to produce the energy thats sorely needed in our country. While we see merit in guarding the wildlife and environs in the areas that are needed for energy production, we don’t see the requirement for complete blockage of efforts to produce energy that is so badly needed.
The imposition of a 7 year moratorium on drilling in so many areas is absolutely uncalled for. Ironically, in retrospect, it seems that the Federal Government regulations led to the oil spill in the first place, if we had the ability to drill closer in, in more shallow water, the accident likely would have never happened. We need to open more shallow water drilling and re-open the wells off the California coast. These surely hold promise and would certainly placate the financial strife that exists in that state. Why can’t we open our eyes, why can’t we open our mouths and proclaim that we are tired of all this and don’t want to take it anymore.

Do you want to pay $5.00 for a gallon of gas????? I sure don’t.

Should the dollar ever become 2nd to another currency, you will most surely see that happen. If oil per barrel pricing in Dollars ends, we are all in very deep trouble. Should it begin pricing in the Chinese Yen/Renimbi or trade in Euros, we will have lost our economic edge. Hyper inflation will by have seized our country and we will not have a very fast way out of that mess. The way out is by having enough of a job market here in the US which will guarantee our currency remains stable and we continue to be able to produce goods for export. A good start to this is by our own energy production and keeping most of our battered dollars here on our shores. 2011 is coming Fast>>>>>

WE need to get our thoughts together to stop this madness…

Happy New Year to all….


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