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In Uncategorized on December 21, 2010 at 10:57 am

The Worm is turning??? – the Ants are starting to really crawl around??
How fast the terrain changes in these political times. A main conservative, (Charles Krauthammer) has named President Obama our Main Man. Wow, how far have things come. Even the Speaker of the House has claimed fame and fortune even though she suffered a thorough defeat on November 2. Our Homeland Security Chief says her department is working 24/7 – 364 days? to keep us safe>>>What , what happened to the last day of the year, or is it the first??? Maybe thats their only day off??? This lame duck congress of ours should maybe put their head in the feathers and go to sleep for the remainder of the term.

In my opinion, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should have been left sleeping.
I agree with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, should not have been passed during this time if ever.

The Net Neutrality Act is nothing more than more government control of our private lives. It should not be allowed to pass let alone exist.
This was generated by folks who we never had any control over as regards a proper election or the proper congressional appointment thereof. WE need to let our congressional people know that we do not want this act passed. I don’t need the government or its agencies looking at my e-mails or my blog writings or my personal banking methods. This particular government is stealing our freedom each day with laws that are being passed in the dark of night. The same thing happened last year during the Christmas season and they are doing it again with total disregard as to the wishes of the folks and their wishes from the November election. Keep the Federal Communications Commission out of your personal life…Help…Help we need to stop this movement.

Just remember – Taxes are remaining the same, except for social Security taxes.. Overall, we did not get a Tax Cut as the liberal press tries to insist on. A tax cut would have been the overall reduction on all taxes, individual, as well as corporate, and with the established Bush incentives being made permanent. What about the Death Tax – Did you hear Rep. Barney Frank, (D) of Mass? How did he get re-elected????

Time will tell, as it always does, for better or worse, but this time, more people are seeing the light and with this knowledge, we hope the pendulum swings in the positive direction further than it has been.

Hyperinflation is coming – be careful with your possessions and plan wisely.

Merry Christmas to all……


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