Is it still Baking or is it Crumbling??????…….Blogger ADmin

In Uncategorized on December 11, 2010 at 8:02 pm

Hello Weekend…..Hello Neighbors and Friends…..

What do you think – Is it Soup yet……I wonder if it will ever be at this rate.
We should have been growing trees and pruning the branches for places and areas to hang earmarks on…Seems, both sides of the isle cant wait to spend more of our money…I think the gas will be shut off before Christmas time and the stove will grow cold…Did not think that Sanders made any difference for his 8 + hours in the batters box…

The shame full part of all this is that it is a SHAM perpetrated on us and with another actor stepping in to take over the reigns for a short time yesterday it’s making even less sense. It’s tough if you keep Michelle waiting….Ha Ha Ha…

This country needs tax cuts – not status quo – as it is now. A decrease in government spending in all areas along with a significant tax cut for us parishioners and our businesses. Why is that so difficult
for the leaders to see. History in the short time taught us this lesson, why not now???

Critical times need Critical thinking – send your advice now to your particular elected officials. Its time for our much needed help..

Let Freedom Ring – God Bless America


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