Things to Think About (Again)…………..7 December, 2010….by Admin

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Thoughts on Simon’s Notes from the Field regarding Julian Assange.

Yes, he is a marked man, a self made marked man who really in my opinion has no shield using the 1st amendment. He is not a citizen of these United States and apparently cares little for its/our government.
We are apparently making no move to reign him in as yet and should he become more firmly involved in the Swedish court system, it could be years if at all that he would reach our shores and be prosecuted. I look at the existing charges as a ruse, a set up if you will. Regarding the dissemination of more information regarding this country and others, I am on the fence with that. Transparency comes into play and there seems to be some justice in his actions in that regard. Time will tell if the play is correct and there was a gain to be had.

There are insidious things happening inside the beltway, I point to the considerations of a few individuals regarding the FCC and its over-reaching status regarding Freedom of Speech on the Airwaves. WE cannot afford to lose the rights we have regarding our right to speak out and want to be heard. Both left and right have the same opportunities to gather their audiences and preach to whom ever wants to listen or be seen. It seems to me that the left has lost a good part of their audience and therefore wish to take as they always seem and want to do from the right again by any means possible. There is a reason that there are more right news outlets than left I believe, mostly, folks would rather listen to common sense than constant derision of people and facts. We must not let this happen to our country whereby the government has complete control of the generated news and speech of our information outlets. Let us take steps to stop this movement before it gets started.

The easing of the tax controversy was in our opinion, a victory for President Obama regardless of the thinking of the left wing of the country. He gave a 2 year tax amnesty for the ability to give the country another Stimulus Package. That to me is a feather in his cap. I am sure that he is banking on the reduction of the unemployment number in these 2 years and that will sort of cement a good running step up for a second term. Looks like he’s a gambling man…

Who are the people behind him pulling the strings???? Is it the CZARS or are there still some folks who came on board originally who have not surfaced yet???

The Right side of the government will have to really put on the thinking caps when the 1st of the year turns. Looks like the White House is still in the smart league and undoubtedly has more to offer in the light.

God Bless America and our wonderful folks…


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