America….What will be done with our Energy Policy????…by Admin

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ENERGY….ENERGY….ENERGY….This word should be on all our Lips!!!

Here the unemployment rate now has risen to 9.8% and our country stops Oil Drilling in and on most of our coasts for 7 Years. Does this make any sense to you??? I don’t think any one of us can realize the ramifications of this right off the bat. So many more chances for employment will be lost as a result of this and you hear nothing of this from the statist news outlets. Even Fox News channel has not had a clamoring and sounding of the alarm bells… What Gives folks???
President Obama has gone back on his word to keep the oil industry moving ahead. We appreciate the consequences of the BP oil spill and its effects but something more has to be realized, the welfare of our citizens and our country’s struggle to keep our heads above water. Just making a ruling to stop oil exploration for 7 years does nothing for our deficit condition. This shortsightedness will come back and bite us right in the ass. When OPEC can sit around a table and set the world wide oil price without caring, our EIGHT BALL just keeps getting larger and larger. Generations will not be able to get out from behind it.
I cannot listen to all of the news but one thing I notice, even the newly elected congress has not voiced any opinions on this ruling.


Citizens….Stand up for your rights….Please let your voices be heard again as you did on November 2, 2010….This stealing of our abilities to help ourselves has got to stop…Clouded Presidential orders of this type should have more public exposure rather than just a statement that becomes law automatically.

Here in Florida, the beaches have a major voice and are of major concern to our lively hood. However, concerns should be placed also in helping our state with employment as well as producing the oil energy that is needed to keep folks moving and providing the energy to get folks here to enjoy the beaches. If we make it harder and harder for folks to get around, of what value are our beautiful facilities if no one can get here to enjoy them???. The visitation will stop and the dependent businesses will close, stopping this beautiful state in its tracks. Is this what we are working toward???? I surely hope not.

Fight this craziness America, before it’s too late……

One Nation Indivisible….God Bless America…..for all that you have done for this world……


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