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In Business, Constitution of The United States, Government, History, personal and business, Political, Political parties on December 2, 2010 at 8:05 pm

Don’t let anyone claim that liberal talk radio show hosts don’t wish for bad things to happen. On Monday’s show, Randi Rhodes was giddy about the prospect of global warming causing the oceans to rise enough to engulf Rush Limbaugh’s Florida home:

And so, the global warming deniers — like Rush Limbaugh, whose house I can’t wait until the ocean swells and eats his house — and he will be the first to go because he’s got the best location! He’s on Palm Beach, which is nothing but a little island…a long, skinny, little sliver of billion dollars worth of — crap! Mostly over-the-top, overdecorated, overpainted, overdone houses with silk draperies and Renaissance designs in a tropical setting…On the edge of this little silvered island with a rising, rising ocean — he’s going first, I live out west, my house is going to be the new Palm Beach and I can’t wait. I can’t freaking wait!

If you had a friend that spoke this way, would you continue to befriend or would you take a different path away from this person???

Do you think it’s a good idea to vent in this fashion with total pointed attention to a persons life gains and experiences???

Would you like the same things said about you by your friend or someone else who has no direct knowledge of the individuals standards and aspirations???

Why is that vein always taken by folks who wish to overtake this society by and with deeds that do not provide a stable foundation for the free society that we are and now even more, need to strive for???

So many questions again and so few answers given.

We need to stand and help each other, not drive one another down. This country of ours needs to be re-awakened again and stop being all for one and none for all. The changing political climate still has not proven itself for this United States of America. Yes, there are more than a few that have come to the fore but we still need many more to come and speak for the folks, leaving political aspirations in the rear until we can regain stability.
The House of Representatives still has no clue as to what was said by us folks on November 2, 2010. The speaker is deaf and dumb as to the wants of most of us. We did not ask for furtherance of the Obama Health Care Bill – we asked to shelve it. We asked to stop illegal immigration, but the speaker and the Senator only want to give us the Dream Act. The ruination of our society both. In our estimation, the faster this lame duck congress is dissolved, the better it will be…
It still really points to the term limits that should by now be in place.

God Bless America…


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