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Don’t let anyone claim that liberal talk radio show hosts don’t wish for bad things to happen. On Monday’s show, Randi Rhodes was giddy about the prospect of global warming causing the oceans to rise enough to engulf Rush Limbaugh’s Florida home:

And so, the global warming deniers — like Rush Limbaugh, whose house I can’t wait until the ocean swells and eats his house — and he will be the first to go because he’s got the best location! He’s on Palm Beach, which is nothing but a little island…a long, skinny, little sliver of billion dollars worth of — crap! Mostly over-the-top, overdecorated, overpainted, overdone houses with silk draperies and Renaissance designs in a tropical setting…On the edge of this little silvered island with a rising, rising ocean — he’s going first, I live out west, my house is going to be the new Palm Beach and I can’t wait. I can’t freaking wait!

What would you think if your good/best friend spoke about folks like this???
How would you react???
Would you laugh???
Would you feel disdain???
Would you continue to want to enjoy this persons friendship???

Why are some people so envious that they must decry others personal gains in this voyage of life?

What attribute makes them able to gain a position of influence and then be able to castigate hard working people with whom they disagree.

We are occasional listeners of the Rush program and do not agree with the rantings of Randi Rhodes. We have not heard him use statements as she has used to describe or deride any one person. We think that her tactic describing the destruction of personal property by design is beyond the pale.
I can understand why many of us refuse to listen to the liberal side of things when descriptions of his nature are apparently the norm.

May there be better things in the offing for all of us.

God Bless America…

One Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.


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