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In Constitution of The United States, Government, Jobs, Political, Taxes on November 17, 2010 at 8:49 pm

CHANGES….Washington is in a state of??????
I don’t think any of us can even realize how these latest changes are going to reflect upon us. I think most of the souls here in the US are not looking to see. Looking to see just what the ramifications of the statement, “fundamentally changing this country” really means.

The liberal left has continued to take over regardless of this past elections outcome. No one seems to care as to how we will get this country of ours back on the right track, just as long as they can maintain their power status and disregard the folks. The very thought of diminishing spending is too difficult to swallow. Some would rather just add a 6-1/2% sales tax on all of us. Just seems to be the simpler way. There is no mention of the tax increase that we will all see at the the beginning of January, 2011.
Tax the Rich seems the only solution for these libs, a logical spending reduction is not in the cards.
I still feel that using our resources to the utmost will cure a lot of the problems. Increase our refining capacity, drill more, use ours instead of theirs, find better methods and we will definitely provide more jobs for our folks. An increase of our own oil would reduce the dependence of Ethanol which would increase overall food production and stop some of the escalation of food prices. The reduced fuel prices for this nations mobility would add a great many more jobs. My feeling is in reducing overall energy prices increases the intrinsic value of all of us here in the USA. Let’s try to make it work. Call your elected reps and implore that we use our resources to our own best interest.

God Bless America and all it People.

One Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for All…..

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