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Hey, how about that Rangel guy, would you be able to walk out of a court room hearing during a case against you??? I wonder just how far you and I would get, not even down the hall or across the street is my guess. RHIP for sure….Maybe the newly elected members of this fine body will straighten it all out soon. Why do people in/of power always have to make a mockery of our Justice systems in he good old USA?

The doings of the Lame Duck Congress……
I wonder what route will be taken, the one for handling the tax problem or the one that will tackle the ObamaCare problem? Time will tell.

Something for the locals here in Cape Coral,….When I lived in the Florida Keys a while ago, we all carried what was call “a locals card”. This card was used in many restaurants and establishments to good advantage. When it was produced, in this case after a meal, it signaled to the establishment that you lived in the keys and always provided you with a nice 10 percent discount. It was good for the establishment, providing make up for a good and returning customer base and word of mouth advertisement which can’t be beat. This kind of business advertising just might work for our businesses here in the Cape Coral area in these trying of times.

Have a fine week – God Bless America and all the folks.


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