The Election’s over – What happens to the Czars????….admin

In Business, Government, Jobs, Money and Finances, Opportunity, Political on November 11, 2010 at 8:17 pm

There has been a change in Washington…A good portion of the status quo for the last 2 years is now looking at a new horizon. We should be looking at one too.

What happens to the President’s Czars now that the lock has been broken on the governing body for the most part. Will the Repubs get to take a look and see just what they have really been up to??? Would you not like to get an insight as to what has been unwritten and not publicized by the Washington insiders. I sure would. The sunshine rule should really apply to most of government except for the most critical portions of defense measures. It’s been the dark ages for the last 2 years, bring back the light.

There are so many avenues for re-discovery. We need to prompt our newly elected reps to get the sun to rise again.

Regarding the slow decline of our currency – all of us should shout, yell out, write, call, fax to our elected officials to get this country to use our natural resources, drill for our remaining oil supplies, gather the shale, find more gas wells. This should and would provide a multitude of jobs for the folks, whether out in the field or in the offices that will be needed to provide the guidance for these new and on going endeavors.
In my opinion, just reducing the cost of gasoline by our using the resources we have will reduce the cost of food and dry goods transportation and thereby reduce the overall cost of these items and supply for our public. Providing the basics with reduced cost at the outset would certainly offset the possible reduction of entitlements and make the reductions just a little more palatable. Just some thoughts.

I wish all a good weekend….God Bless America


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