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In Political, Political parties on November 1, 2010 at 7:49 pm

Are you settled in???? Have you seen the light???….What is your heart telling you????You’re gonna VOTE aren’t you??? You better think hard about it, we can’t afford to have any slackers on this one!!!

No Kidding – Your vote is needed, regardless of who and why and why not. Show your folks, your friends, that you are interested and won’t let this opportunity slip by because of any indecisions on your part. We have already placed our vote here in Florida. Speaking about that, sometimes I wonder if early voting is really the best and right thing to do. We all know how things can change with the direction of the wind. I will have to take this under some more consideration when getting ready to vote in the 2012 election cycle. Enough of that, just remember to get out there and pull that lever, or fill in that space, or whatever, get out there and do the right thing.

God Bless America and its People.


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