Where is your thinking today???…Time is short……….by admin

In Business, Constitution of The United States, Events in Cape Coral, Government, Jobs, Political on October 27, 2010 at 7:31 pm


How are your thoughts forming???, are you getting ready to stake your claim in the voting booth??

How about the car that is being talked about endlessly, where do you want to sit???? What do you think of the Presidents remark regarding “sitting in the back seat”?? What about sitting along side, on a bench seat of sorts, and helping to make the necessary and important decisions we need to have made. I for one, feel that that is the most comfortable, I don’t like to look at the back of peoples heads who claim to have all the answers for this country’s problems. This same remark goes for both parties and would have the same relative meaning and direction if the positions were reversed. The folks who started this country working together did great things and the same must be applied today. In my humble opinion, these 2 years past have been a nightmare for decent folks and the greater institution of this country. Nowhere has it ever been proven that the government has provided impetus for the starting of businesses. Business start up is by individuals and personal collaboration rather than input from any form of government. As I see it, government has always had its hand out, to always take away a good portion of the fruits of individual imagination and development. A person does not first approach the government for his business ideas and start up, a person starts and forms and then goes to the government to receive instruction as to how he will be relieved of a good part of his gains. You can contribute to the demise of this principle if only you stand up, take up a stance and help to position this country of ours so we again take the high road instead of the low.
Look at all the options, look for people who will honor the constitution and move to keep its “teachings” alive. Future generations are depending on this.

DO THE RIGHT THING on November 2, 2010……..


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