Assimilation and Multiculturalism….Important words and meaning…….by Admin

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These are important words and have important meanings in todays view here in the United States of America. Assimilation has almost lost its real meaning and is being replaced by multiculturalism, are you aware of this??

Assimilation was foremost in the minds of folks who came here in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These folks had a desire to learn the ways and new language of the newly adopted country. Their anxiety was greatly appreciated, adding another notch into the building of our society. There was a collaboration of like minded individuals here as to living in the same areas and contributing to each others welfare. Even though the community was close knit, the commonality of language was recognized so that the communication of thoughts and ideas were transferred easily. This need was communicated to their children so as to provide a better and stronger foothold for future generations. This demonstration of “networking” has proven this nation to great advantage. The very thought of undoing the mechanism of assimilation is very un-nerving. Our country, at the start of the 21st century cannot tolerate this line of thinking.

This brings me to Multiculturalism – It seems that we are using this term rather than the former to provide a direction for our nation in the 21st century. This is and will be an intolerable situation. The very flow of ideas and thoughts get lost if we have a multitude of languages which so many of us are not familiar with. Just think how it would be if you could not communicate with your neighbor due to language barrier. Maybe even the tellers at your local bank would be difficult to speak with. So many of us are/were upset with the “Press 1 for English” concert in so many areas. Multiculturalism is expensive also. many words need to be printed and described rather than just one word/words to signify a particular designation or direction. Times like now do not advertise expenditures of such a great volume for something that is not the most beneficial to all concerned. You/Me and the country are far better off with just one known language for everyday communication with each other.

Give it some thought for the coming days.. It could make for a better LIFE.

We are in Juan Williams’s corner, although we are conservative, we feel his right of free speech has been very much violated. NPR should be relieved of all the input of Tax payer monies.

The days are counting down, Nov 2 is coming very fast. I hope you are planning to VOTE this time. All votes are needed. Your government needs to be shown just how awake we all are and how willing we are to take on the important issues of the season. Please do not let the opportunity slip by. Our elected officials need to see that we are not asleep and willing to take the status quo.

God Bless America……

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL…


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