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In Jobs, Political on October 19, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Vote for a Change….Literally and Figuratively !!!!!!

No Kidding….These next two weeks are really crucial…You need to really have a good presence of mind when you appear at your local polling place.

Vote for a Change – I mean, get out and vote, don’t make excuses and offer no opinion, this nation cannot afford that attitude. There are some folks in both parties and then some that would have you do just that, stay home—DO NOT DO THAT THIS TIME !!!!

Vote for a Change – I mean really vote for a change, for the better, for your children and grand children and hell, even you and me for that matter. All of us have the chance to do the right thing. Stand up and be counted for your God given rights, not hypothetical rights given to you by a political party while in power.

These two weeks will give all of us a chance to review the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and help us make the right decisions for this undermined country of ours.

Something to remember for all of us – This USA was not built by accepting entitlements and sitting back and letting the next guy do it.

This nation was built with the likes of doers and thinkers working tirelessly for the benefits of all here in this country. People who took pride in themselves and did not listen to leaders that proclaimed that sitting back, taking un-employment comps and food stamps was the best route for our nation. Where would we be if this were the order of the day at the end of the Revolutionary War?

Please do not listen to the Elites in this nation, they know not what they do. These folks take away, never give away.

Wake up America….Look for the LIGHT…..Stay away from the DARK side.

God Bless America……….we really need some…

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For All


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