The Next 20+ Days in your Life………..?????

In Business, Business/Political Trends Worldwide, Money and Finances, Political on October 8, 2010 at 9:49 am

What are you planning to do with the next 20+ days???? Will you really start paying attention to the political climate??, giving it more than a look see as you leaf through your local paper or watch the local news??
Have you thought of your monetary future???
What direction will you point yourself to, thinking on your own and really identifying the issues so that 2011 will have real meaning and great results for your endeavors, or will you follow the crowd? and just push/pull the same old button and sit back and complain? These times are critical to all of us, your well being in the coming years will be really dependent on yours and my decisions as to how this USA will be shaped and stand.
Our currency is being depleted of its value each and every day, printing of more and more money does nothing for our future and future generations. The international Finance Companies (Countries) to which we are be-holden will someday call our debts. The generation that exists at that time will be hard pressed to facilitate the mechanics of re-payment at that time. Are we really beginning to see/live the “Days of Wine and Roses”???

All of us have to contribute thoughts, ideas etc, to our friends, our communities as to how to stop this headlong motion which is ushering our country headlong to second or third rate or worse status in this world of ours.

Help our country, stop the addition of more debt, Help your community to find jobs for the folks, add your ideas to the mix.

Stand Up, don’t let yourself get shoved around….

God Bless America….

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice For All.


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