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In Uncategorized on September 27, 2010 at 6:54 pm

Have you listened to the remarks of Sen. John Kerry today, What did you Think??? Do you agree with him and his remark of the folks being too caught up on slogans, just following along without contemplating the end result. He should have brought the last slogan used, “Hope and Change”, to bear in those remarks. Seems he must have forgotten that those words were echoed all through out the land just a little over 2 years ago. Do you still believe in “Hope and Change”. Has it been working for you??I look around my community and I don’t really see too much right now. I see and read about a lot of contention, I think that slogan got plowed under.

The 30 Billion plus signature of today is not going to do much either as far as we can see. More money for the financials and more taxes for the small business man as he tries to move into better circumstances. All I gotta say is – Stop spending my money on money grubbing Washington programs.

I see the government is planning and wanting to create a program to add more jobs (government jobs) for 16 to 25 year olds. Why do we need old union bosses to suggest that method of jumping the economy? Why is there not given some thought of creating private sector jobs where individuality is really recognized? The most glaring reason is – We don’t have any private sector jobs to offer – all the private sector, or most anyway, have been shipped off to another land. Both parties and the progressive movement have been guilty of this and unfortunately no one paid attention when that was happening.
I feel sorry for our young folks in the aforementioned age groups, trying to get educated to find a good position after graduation. It must be very demoralizing when you realize most of what is available has to do with flipping burgers. Where are our schools, where are the great mentors that are needed for the young folks?? This country must have a wake up call now, to save our young folks, to save our entrepreneurs, to make access to everyday goals available to all. We feel sad for the young black folks who are really hurting in this mess.

Stand up America for the tax cut extension for all income earners. We can’t afford to discriminate at this point in time. Please don’t listen to the elites who have no one in mind for benefits except their own. The example of the Senator only makes the call louder for “Term Limits” and the end of ear marks in the Washington climate.

We all have to stand up and yell – We are not going to take it anymore – Wake up America, before the blinds are drawn and the light has been taken away.

Stop the Elites from “Manipulating” your daily life, they do not really know how to run your life. Look at the example most of them set.

Remember the U.S. Constitution – Don’t let anyone tell you that it needs to be by-passed because of it’s age. I have not seen any of these guys writing anything better in all this time.

God Bless America…..


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