Washington, the US Congress, 9/24/2010….

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Why are we spending our Tax dollars on comedic stunts. Why is there a need to present “Comedy Channel” characters in a congressional scene?
What would you have done with the $125,000.00 it cost to present the farce and why do we have elected persons condoning this action? I know I could have used that to further my existence very nicely. I am not a watcher of the comedy channel, I see no merit in that comedy at all, it does nothing but bash this country and its good citizens depending on where they stand. The congresswoman who made this possible should be ashamed for the actions and the head of the committee should hang his head for letting it go on. Of course, he really don’t care, it’s not his money.

It looks like the Democrats have turned chicken on the vote for the Tax cuts. We want all the tax cuts we can get, thats for sure. Turns out that not many , if any, small businesses want the bill that they passed this week. Just another strangulation of our small business that we in this country of ours really need.

Who are the in power electorate??? We see no direction in their thinking for our country. Tax and spend has definitely shown its true meaning and colors. Tax em all, take what you can get and run and watch your constituents struggle. Do not let this scenario take hold again, I don’t think we would ever be able to survive another round such as this.

Have a great weekend and read all you can about the coming election and its bearing on your well being. Think about your neighbor, get him/her involved in your discussions, get a new perspective, help the folks get their thoughts straight.

God Bless America……In God We Trust……REMEMBER…..


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