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What you see in the title – HELP – is our country , the United States of America crying for help from all of us to stop the government madness.
If you have been paying attention to the state run news media – our Secretary of State has proposed a program to provide “Cookstoves” to Africa. ?????Why is our $50 Million dollars or more being used for this purpose, actually your money, the tax payers money. If they need stoves over there why not let them buy them using their own currency. Looks like they are being marketed cheap enough for anyone to purchase. It’s another ploy using the “Cap and Trade” idea. Carbon credits for sale to the highest bidder, the Elites. They live high on the hog, do you??This is just another way to enrich the elite progressives here in this country and elsewhere and take away more of our individualism. These programs do nothing for this country except to take away from our citizens the right to make our own way without government interference. It goes along with the bill passed today, the small business tax bill, which tries to make you believe your taxes will be less and then offering you loans at a high interest rate which makes it worse, your benefits from this bill are non-existent. It will cost the small business man much more than what he can realize from the small reduction in taxes. Please don’t fall into the trap.

We ask that you really put some thought into voting come this November. The mid-terms are usually lack luster in voter response because so many feel that it is not the important election time. This November is really critical. Many of or elected officials are up for re-election or for election. Their views and voting records are very important to pay attention to as this will set the tone for the next 6 years or more. So many bills have been passed by the administration as it exists now, many really need to be overturned. Your hard thought on the issues are really needed to help set our country back on the best course for all Americans. You must take time from your business schedules to step into your local voting booth and place your vote, wether it be Democratic, Independent or Republican. Your vote will help establish awareness that we the people are informed or becoming informed much more so than we have in the past. That fact itself will help establish that “We the People” are aware and it will not be as easy to pull the wool over our eyes as it has been, it seems, in the past.
Remember the words from the movie – Network- “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. Those words are definitely in vogue right now.

May God bless America and all its citizens (Legal)…In God We Trust !!


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