Who is Elizabeth Warren?…….Do you know???

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 9:41 am

Why was she appointed????? Who saw the need for another CZAR?????
Why does this country feel the need for appointments that circumvent the elected congress???

Do you often wonder why this government was elected in the first place?
Were so many people so easily swayed by glib speeches which in so many ways have in my eyes proven to be of no real substance except to “change” peoples minds and therefore their direction. Can it be this easy??Will it be this easy again in the future?? I hope not, for this nation cannot survive another onslaught of this type. I am glad that so many folks are not afraid to speak up. Each time I see the Tea Party folks I again look up to Mr. Rick Santelli and his great remarks that day.

There are so many questions each day that arise and so many that remain un-answered. I am so amazed that so many folks are un-happy with this country’s makeup. That so many folks have left the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights is amazing. Where in the world could you more stable??? There is no where else in my opinion.

The continuous march to the left is annoying to me. You just have to look at history and realize that nothing so far left has ever survived. One only has to look to Cuba to see that, right on our doorstep, even Fidel has condescended that the concept has not worked as he envisioned.

How much more proof do you need????

God Bless America and our Constitution……


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