How’s your Horizon???? What do you see???..How do you Feel???

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Hello US of A…..

What’s your Horizon??? What’s on your Horizon??? Do you maybe feel like us and don’t quite see a clear view of this country’s future? Why is there such a need to reduce the individual drive of folks who are equipped to help this country climb out this hole? How come there is such a liberal push in that direction? Why is it that the liberal mind is so focused on taking instead of giving??? I know you can make a discussion about this point but the “spread the wealth” routine is not the answer. Since this country was built on a “free enterprise” system where no one was condemned for rightfully making his way, being successful should not have a guilt burden placed on it.

What do you See??? Can you see the government stopping its digging and starting to fill in the hole we are in?? WE see no movement in that direction at all – it’s the same old direction – tax the rich – and make believe you will give the not so rich a handle to pull them selves up with. This has never worked in the past and likely will not work this time either.

How are you feeling with all this rhetoric being broadcast from the state run media who cares nothing about the individual needs of the individual.. You and I know whats needed here in the United States of America – It’s JOBS – not constant taxation of one class or another. We are all Americans and most all have this country’s preservation at heart.
Why is it so hard to see that less taxation is needed now rather than more – why is so hard to see that more obstructions need to be lifted rather than more imposed, such as the drilling moratoriums in the far north, the California coast and here in the Gulf of Mexico??? Why are we providing money to the Mexican controlled oil companies for Gulf drilling rather than our own?? Why are we providing money to Brazil for their drill operations rather than our own??? Why is ti that when you write to your respective congressional Rep/Sen those question are never directly answered, or never replied to???

I wonder if some of you have the same gnawing questions in your minds as I have???

So many questions and so very few answers….. I hope it can/will change when November comes along and passes by.

How would you like to see $1.65/gallon gas??? What do you think that would do to the welfare of this country???Think about it and make up you own mind….

God Bless America…………Lets keep the Republic alive…….


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