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What are you??? How do you see yourself??………Admin

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What are you??? A True Democrat??? A Progressive??? A True Republican???

How do you see yourself???

Do you see yourself as a democrat, true to the original party principles, ready to stand by your Constitution and the Bill of Rights???

Do you see yourself as a Progressive, as one who would forget the principles of the Constitution as written??? One who would voice his want to forget the original and re-write to “Todays” indulgences???

Do you see yourself as a Republican, much the same as the true Democrat, ready to defend the Republic and maintain the Constitution as it stands???

If you have some thoughts that you might like to display, please write them here so that we may have a discussion and get some input as to each others feelings.

God Bless America and the Republic as it stands…..

Do you like the News/Views presentations of Today????…… Admin

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Have you listened to the remarks of Sen. John Kerry today, What did you Think??? Do you agree with him and his remark of the folks being too caught up on slogans, just following along without contemplating the end result. He should have brought the last slogan used, “Hope and Change”, to bear in those remarks. Seems he must have forgotten that those words were echoed all through out the land just a little over 2 years ago. Do you still believe in “Hope and Change”. Has it been working for you??I look around my community and I don’t really see too much right now. I see and read about a lot of contention, I think that slogan got plowed under.

The 30 Billion plus signature of today is not going to do much either as far as we can see. More money for the financials and more taxes for the small business man as he tries to move into better circumstances. All I gotta say is – Stop spending my money on money grubbing Washington programs.

I see the government is planning and wanting to create a program to add more jobs (government jobs) for 16 to 25 year olds. Why do we need old union bosses to suggest that method of jumping the economy? Why is there not given some thought of creating private sector jobs where individuality is really recognized? The most glaring reason is – We don’t have any private sector jobs to offer – all the private sector, or most anyway, have been shipped off to another land. Both parties and the progressive movement have been guilty of this and unfortunately no one paid attention when that was happening.
I feel sorry for our young folks in the aforementioned age groups, trying to get educated to find a good position after graduation. It must be very demoralizing when you realize most of what is available has to do with flipping burgers. Where are our schools, where are the great mentors that are needed for the young folks?? This country must have a wake up call now, to save our young folks, to save our entrepreneurs, to make access to everyday goals available to all. We feel sad for the young black folks who are really hurting in this mess.

Stand up America for the tax cut extension for all income earners. We can’t afford to discriminate at this point in time. Please don’t listen to the elites who have no one in mind for benefits except their own. The example of the Senator only makes the call louder for “Term Limits” and the end of ear marks in the Washington climate.

We all have to stand up and yell – We are not going to take it anymore – Wake up America, before the blinds are drawn and the light has been taken away.

Stop the Elites from “Manipulating” your daily life, they do not really know how to run your life. Look at the example most of them set.

Remember the U.S. Constitution – Don’t let anyone tell you that it needs to be by-passed because of it’s age. I have not seen any of these guys writing anything better in all this time.

God Bless America…..

Notes from the Field = Ukraine this time…

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Sovereign Man
Notes from the Field

Date: September 27, 2010
Reporting From: Kiev, Ukraine

The last time I was here in Ukraine, I left after just one day, in disgust.

This doesn’t happen too often for me– I’m hardened and patient enough with any country’s problems to stick it out for a while. But my last encounter a few years ago went something like this:

* Chaos at the airport. Upon arrival, it took well over 3-hours to clear immigration and get my passport stamped. I would estimate close to 1,000 passengers crammed into the small arrivals hall, each withering from the suffocating heat and mind-numbing inefficiency of immigration officials.

* Bait-and-switch. I booked a flat (as is normal here) and asked for their driver to pick me up from the airport. Halfway towards the city, the manager called to inform me that my flat was no longer available, and that the only other was three times the price. If that was not acceptable, she would have the driver leave me on the side of the road.

* Taxi rides. I think just about every taxi I hopped into literally drove around in circles, assuming that, as a foreigner, I was too dumb to notice.

* The coup-de-grace was when an employee at an airline ticket office refused to sell me a ticket unless I paid a completely ridiculous bribe.

I could go on, but I don’t want to dwell on the negative. Bear in mind, that was not my first time to Ukraine. I used to own a business here, and I’m very seasoned in Eastern Europe… so corruption and bureaucracy does not ruffle me in the least.

But after many trips to Ukraine over the years and experiencing the post-Soviet transformation first hand (including the Orange Revolution), my ultimate conclusion after my last trip a few years ago was this: the transition in Ukraine is so slow, it’s barely noticeable.

Conversely, other Eastern bloc countries like Estonia and Slovakia made rapid strides towards efficiency, development, and sustainable growth. Ukraine was clearly the laggard in the group.

As it had been a few years since my last visit, I’ve been teasing the idea of visiting Ukraine once more to re-check my conclusion. After receiving several requests from local student groups to come lecture about multiple flags and entrepreneurship, I now had a good reason to do so.

And so… I arrived once again to Boryspol International Airport in Kiev this weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised at my first impression– the immigration queue had been efficiently redesigned, and the old Byzantine landing forms were no longer required.

The city itself hasn’t changed much; there is a flurry of new construction thanks to Ukraine being chosen to co-host next year’s UEFA European football championship next year along with Poland.

Apparently the Ukrainians are far, far behind schedule, and the whole of Europe is concerned that they won’t be ready in time. “Not to worry,” reply the Ukrainians, “the stadiums will be operational for kick off.”

The thing is, football stadiums are the least of the problems. Ukraine has a massive shortage of clean, mid-range hotels… something like an Ibis or Holiday Inn Express.

The vast majority of hotels in Ukraine are woefully substandard. The precious few that are modern, clean, and well organized are marquee brands like the Intercontinental and Hyatt, or the local Premier Palace hotel.

Guests pay a high price for this class of hotel; the Hyatt here in Kiev is more expensive than in New York City or Hong Kong, and this issue is actually emblematic of the wider economy.

For just about everything in Ukraine– schools, restaurants, hotels, gyms, groceries, retail shops, salons, etc., there are two classes… quite simply, “good” and “bad”. The vast majority are ‘bad’ and quite cheap. The few ‘good’ masquerade as luxury, and they are seriously, seriously pricey.

This is due to the immense gap between rich and poor here, and the relative lack of middle class. The well off in Ukraine are very rich and price insensitive. Below that, there is a narrow middle class, and the rest of the population that wallows in poor quality products and services.

As an example, on the streets you’ll see a lot of European super cars and luxury Japanese models, or 1970s Soviet sedans that are falling apart… but little in between.

Other former Soviet states succeeded by freeing up their markets, privatizing state-owned businesses, eliminating bureaucracy, and loosening regulation. These measures created very large middle classes across the region, and made the contributing entrepreneurs very wealthy.

In oligarchy countries like Ukraine, a small handful of people became enormously wealthy after the end of Communism, often by theft, bribery, and coercion. Everyone else was trapped by the bureaucracy that remained.

This is largely a cultural issue, which means that it will be phased out over subsequent generations. I actually have high hopes for the newest batch of youths in Ukraine. They study English and free market economics, and they are some of the most impressively brilliant young minds I’ve ever met.

More to follow, I’m off to the lecture.

Simon Black
Senior Editor,

Washington, the US Congress, 9/24/2010….

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Why are we spending our Tax dollars on comedic stunts. Why is there a need to present “Comedy Channel” characters in a congressional scene?
What would you have done with the $125,000.00 it cost to present the farce and why do we have elected persons condoning this action? I know I could have used that to further my existence very nicely. I am not a watcher of the comedy channel, I see no merit in that comedy at all, it does nothing but bash this country and its good citizens depending on where they stand. The congresswoman who made this possible should be ashamed for the actions and the head of the committee should hang his head for letting it go on. Of course, he really don’t care, it’s not his money.

It looks like the Democrats have turned chicken on the vote for the Tax cuts. We want all the tax cuts we can get, thats for sure. Turns out that not many , if any, small businesses want the bill that they passed this week. Just another strangulation of our small business that we in this country of ours really need.

Who are the in power electorate??? We see no direction in their thinking for our country. Tax and spend has definitely shown its true meaning and colors. Tax em all, take what you can get and run and watch your constituents struggle. Do not let this scenario take hold again, I don’t think we would ever be able to survive another round such as this.

Have a great weekend and read all you can about the coming election and its bearing on your well being. Think about your neighbor, get him/her involved in your discussions, get a new perspective, help the folks get their thoughts straight.

God Bless America……In God We Trust……REMEMBER…..


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What you see in the title – HELP – is our country , the United States of America crying for help from all of us to stop the government madness.
If you have been paying attention to the state run news media – our Secretary of State has proposed a program to provide “Cookstoves” to Africa. ?????Why is our $50 Million dollars or more being used for this purpose, actually your money, the tax payers money. If they need stoves over there why not let them buy them using their own currency. Looks like they are being marketed cheap enough for anyone to purchase. It’s another ploy using the “Cap and Trade” idea. Carbon credits for sale to the highest bidder, the Elites. They live high on the hog, do you??This is just another way to enrich the elite progressives here in this country and elsewhere and take away more of our individualism. These programs do nothing for this country except to take away from our citizens the right to make our own way without government interference. It goes along with the bill passed today, the small business tax bill, which tries to make you believe your taxes will be less and then offering you loans at a high interest rate which makes it worse, your benefits from this bill are non-existent. It will cost the small business man much more than what he can realize from the small reduction in taxes. Please don’t fall into the trap.

We ask that you really put some thought into voting come this November. The mid-terms are usually lack luster in voter response because so many feel that it is not the important election time. This November is really critical. Many of or elected officials are up for re-election or for election. Their views and voting records are very important to pay attention to as this will set the tone for the next 6 years or more. So many bills have been passed by the administration as it exists now, many really need to be overturned. Your hard thought on the issues are really needed to help set our country back on the best course for all Americans. You must take time from your business schedules to step into your local voting booth and place your vote, wether it be Democratic, Independent or Republican. Your vote will help establish awareness that we the people are informed or becoming informed much more so than we have in the past. That fact itself will help establish that “We the People” are aware and it will not be as easy to pull the wool over our eyes as it has been, it seems, in the past.
Remember the words from the movie – Network- “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. Those words are definitely in vogue right now.

May God bless America and all its citizens (Legal)…In God We Trust !!

Notes from the Field…Simon Black……via E-mail

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Sovereign Man

Notes from the Field

Date: September 22, 2010
Reporting From: Frankfurt, Germany

From the moment he walked out on stage, the crowd was in a frenzy. Roger Waters may be 67 years old, but as one of the chief creative forces behind the band Pink Floyd, his seminal work “The Wall” resonates even more today than it did 30+ years ago.

I was there at Chicago’s United Center on Monday night with floor seats to his concert. Actually, it was more of an opera than a concert, full of visual and musical metaphor. To paraphrase Waters’ own words, any bloody fool can play the music– an artist conveys a message.

And the message was loud and clear.

During the first half of his performance, the stage crew meticulously and inconspicuously built a faux-wall behind Waters, brick-by-brick, while he sang. Simultaneously, anti-war and anti-establishment images were projected onto the wall as it grew higher and higher throughout the show.

The hoops and whoops from the audience certainly suggested a strong agreement with Waters’ message, particularly as he projected images of fallen soldiers and civilian casualties juxtaposed with images of frivolous consumerism and political greed.

The greatest reaction of the night, though, came during the acoustical ballad “Mother.” At the point when he sang the lyrics, “Mother should I run for President / Mother should I trust the government?”, Waters’ laser lights etched the words “No fucking way ” in deep crimson on the Wall behind him.

The crowd went insane. The noise was so deafening, it was as if a jumbo jet were landing in the arena. Apparently, no one at the United Center that evening was a friend to the government… and this was no Tea Party gathering either.

In fact, I’d say it was one of the most diverse groups I’ve seen in quite some time, including homeless anti-war demonstrators, cross-dressing drummers, local drug dealers, retirees, and even a few professional athletes and Fortune 500 execs.

Personally, I took great comfort in this optimistic sign. It seems that the party of ‘throw the bums out’ is finally taking hold, and significant mistrust of all establishment politicians, regardless of party affiliation, is growing.

Far beyond the Pink Floyd microcosm at the United Center this week, though, there are growing indications in other parts of the world. Here in Europe, from where I pen this missive, there are also signs of a changing political current.

With decades of bosomy entitlement programs and overblown taxes under their belts, European nations have a heritage strongly rooted in the left. But now even socialist bastions like Sweden are bucking tradition and starting to elect inexperienced candidates from obscure, right-wing parties.

Meanwhile, mistrust of the political establishment is growing in the financial sector. Greece’s finance minister has been on the road lately trying to convince investors that Greek debt is just fine and that they’re not going to default thanks to a 12-figure EU bailout package.

No one is buying it… and Greek bonds are now trading at a higher risk premium than they were during the height of the euro debt crisis a few months ago. Meanwhile, Irish and Portuguese bond spreads are the highest they’ve been in the history of the euro.

In other words, the collective European mentality also seems to be ‘throw the bums out’, though in this case referring not only to the political establishment but to the PIIG nations as well.

I’m convinced that continued pressure from voters and financial markets will call the EU leaders’ bluff, eliminating any resolve to hold the eurozone together.

Will a German factory worker who already pays 50%+ in taxes suffer through austerity or tax hikes just so that a Greek hairdresser can retire at age 50? No chance. Will any politician be dumb enough to force this through given the sea change in voter sentiment? Doubtful.

Remember, this is a continent that has been at war with itself for most of its long history. It’s nonsense to think that, all of a sudden, the whole of Europe will be willing to go down with a sinking ship… and for this reason, a breakup of the eurozone is a foregone conclusion.

In the meantime, this provides some rather interesting opportunities to buy high quality (non-PIIG) assets at a PIIG discount. Most importantly, though, this shift in attitude is also a great sign that people may be starting to wake up… and tear down the Wall.

Until tomorrow,

Simon Black
Senior Editor,

Who is Elizabeth Warren?…….Do you know???

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Why was she appointed????? Who saw the need for another CZAR?????
Why does this country feel the need for appointments that circumvent the elected congress???

Do you often wonder why this government was elected in the first place?
Were so many people so easily swayed by glib speeches which in so many ways have in my eyes proven to be of no real substance except to “change” peoples minds and therefore their direction. Can it be this easy??Will it be this easy again in the future?? I hope not, for this nation cannot survive another onslaught of this type. I am glad that so many folks are not afraid to speak up. Each time I see the Tea Party folks I again look up to Mr. Rick Santelli and his great remarks that day.

There are so many questions each day that arise and so many that remain un-answered. I am so amazed that so many folks are un-happy with this country’s makeup. That so many folks have left the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights is amazing. Where in the world could you more stable??? There is no where else in my opinion.

The continuous march to the left is annoying to me. You just have to look at history and realize that nothing so far left has ever survived. One only has to look to Cuba to see that, right on our doorstep, even Fidel has condescended that the concept has not worked as he envisioned.

How much more proof do you need????

God Bless America and our Constitution……

Republican Party………….WAKE UP……..

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Hey party people – What’s going on with you, Get on board with the folks, the folks……WE need unity and need to gain confidence of all onlookers, party regulars, independents, and surely Democrats. WE see that some are on our side already and seeing the light regarding conservatism. This issue has to be pushed every day with sure messages for the folks who may be wavering. We need all the help we can get to get this country back on track and not leave any one behind.

Get your friends and neighbors going……..More later….have a great weekend

The Sovereign Man………..Via E-Mail..Notes from the Field

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Sovereign Man

Notes from the Field

Date: September 16, 2010
Reporting From: Dallas, Texas, USA

I was reading an article online a few days ago that one of our members was kind enough to send along. The article described how public transit commuters in Philadelphia are now being randomly subjected to forced pat downs and baggage searches with explosives-sniffing dogs.

Another subscriber followed that up with an article about the US Department of Homeland Security implementing a new technology that can scan irises at a distance of six feet, then store the information in a government database.

According to one of the department’s program managers, Homeland Security is testing the technology to take iris scans of people who are walking by a specially outfitted camera.

I’m willing to make a huge bet that these sorts of things make your skin crawl. Mine too. Unfortunately, reading the comments under these articles on Reuters and USAToday, it’s clear too many people are in total support of these outrageous acts…

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with it at all!!!! Wouldn’t rather be safe than sorry? I think it’s a great idea and I appriciate it! [sic]”


“I have no problem with submitting to any kind of scan… The government’s first job is security.”

This real life illustration of the mental state of our fellow human beings is indicative of a very clear, powerful point: some people just don’t get it.

For the last several days, we have been engaging in probably our most significant conversations to date about what I call the Age of Turmoil– a time marked by rapid change and fluctuatating crises.

Undoubtedly, as conditions deteriorate in certain parts of the world, you can count on governments delivering the solutions that people will demand… and like it or not, voters will demand more intervention, more security, greater erosion of their liberties, and more Draconian economic measures.

Now, there are significant steps that we can take to protect ourselves in order to survive and thrive in the Age of Turmoil: planting multiple flags to preserve our capital and hedge our risks, acquiring valuable skills, achieving economic independence, etc.

But these steps take time, they take energy, they take focus, and sometimes money. Unfortunately, we are all constrained by finite amounts of those resources.

As such, we must wisely allocate these resources and choose to affect the things that we can control. It’s nice to hope for change, but in the greater system that is collapsing all around us, there are simply too many things that we cannot control.

Rising taxes, faltering currencies, bailouts, stimulus spending, etc… these sorts of things will either happen, or they won’t. No policymaker is going to ask our permission first.

In other words, we have no control whether or not our central bankers will continue inflating the currency, whether or not our politicians will engage in further fiscal or military folly, whether or not bureaucrats will implement iris scanning technology or random pat downs.

And, it’s seems quite clear that too many citizens are quite happy with these new “security” measures.

You and I have no say in the matter, and it would be a waste of our precious resources to get caught up in the fight. These decisions are all being made by a small group of men, not by us.

We have been talking all week about the pillars of self-reliance, ways to become independent and succeed in the Age of Turmoil. I believe that the final pillar is being able to pick your battles– wisely allocating finite resources to affect that which we can change, and which is most important.

Grassroots campaigns to affect political change are wonderful ideas, and they have admirable goals. There’s clearly right and wrong in the world, and it’s morally nice to be on the side of right. But given our limited resources, realism must prevail.

Sure, you could spend your life working for these goals and trying to change the perspectives of people who don’t want their perspectives changed. Or you could use that time getting prepared to ensure that you and your family survive and thrive in the Age of Turmoil.

When you look at how much the world has changed over the last several years, and you consider how fast things are changing now, I think we only have a few years remaining before much of what we know today changes dramatically.

How do you want to spend that time?

This, ultimately, is what our premium service, Sovereign Man: Confidential is all about. My primary mission is to provide the most actionable information possible based on my own contacts and experiences– information you won’t find anywhere else– to help you and your family survive and thrive in the Age of Turmoil.

We’re launching this service imminently, and I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of an endeavor that I’ve been involved in.

As indicated in yesterday’s email, the first 500 members will receive special pricing of $277 annually; if you want to be on the list to receive a special alert when the offer becomes available, I encourage you to sign up for our early-notification list if you haven’t done so already.

Until tomorrow,

Simon Black
Senior Editor,

How’s your day going???? Are you feeling better after having heard todays news??

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WE don’t……..It’s the same old junk on the state run media.
Now we hear that the Prez wants to re-name the Bush tax cuts by placing his name on the initiative for this year. Can you believe this???

Thats it for a starter….more later…..

God Bless America and all the Patriots here and in the past.

Long Live the Republic……

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