Arizona Immigration Laws and The United Nations……

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Hello everyone:
We believe the statements made by Arizona Republican state Sen. Frank Antenorri are right on the mark. Our Secretary of State Hillery Clinton should not have included references to Arizona’s immigration suit in the brief to the United Nations. This country does not need to be paraded in front of nations who are far more damaging to humans rights than ours.
Our record is far cleaner than any one of those that are members of the Human Rights Council of the U.N.
We did our nation a great injustice including references of our beloved state of Arizona in with nations and people who have total disregard for Human Rights.

How much lower does it go – what does it gain us – Ridicule is what it gains us.

We must change this government from what it is to something that will resemble the Republic as it once stood.

Stand up America and honor your neighbor and this country. Lets make it stronger instead of weaker.

God bless America – E Plurubus Unum


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