After the dust settles……What then America??????

In Uncategorized on December 30, 2009 at 10:23 am

The DUST is starting to settle and change is beginning to come and show its many facets… How many facets of change will we really find or is it the same old stuff, like under Bush and Clinton. The change that is very obvious is that it is all for the worse. The folks that have been placed in important positions are using those “important ” positions to gain importance for themselves, not – We the People – or – The Republic …..

It seems they can (who is ‘they’?..our elected officials, that’s who) vote themselves automatic raises for non meritorious conduct and vote no on the necessary and most important needs of this countries safety and that of it’s citizens. Is that the change most of this nation voted for – I don’t think so and neither do you.

There are so many open issues just waiting to be discussed. It’s just too bad that ‘Health care’ issues seemed to have overshadowed the most important items – Safety of our country and Job creation of the right kind with our currency stabilization running a very close third. The congressional leaders – Reid and Pelosi along with our President did a great job on providing a deep smoke screen covering the most important crisis facts we the people needed to be aware of.

I was heartened to see that even the most liberal of the state controlled newspapers and media have called out the administration regarding their slowness and stance on the issues of JIHAD. These are not isolated instances of extremism, this is declared war on our standard of living. We all must be aware and vigilant of our surroundings even more than we have been. So many warning signs have been given to this country and still the awareness is lagging. How can anyone believe if these Jihadists are treated nicely that we will be treated that way also. Our way of life is being threatened daily and we don’t see the forest for the trees.

The penalties for this oversight should be severe, this is no kids game.

What do you think – should this latest Jihadist be jailed and tried with lawyer paid for by you and me or should he be given to the military for interrogation to find out more so that we will be better prepared in the future???

Drop us a comment or two…..

?Happy New Year?


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