The Senates’ 60 Votes………?Bought Off?…..Why is this allowed?…

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2009 at 6:57 pm

SCREAM AMERICA……Why are we the TAXPAYERS footing the bill to buyout individual states?

What is going on there in the Senate? How many more Senators will be bought off to keep the 60 votes going? Where does all this money come from if not from the taxpayers? Certainly not from the small businesses that are left here in our country. There cannot be enough of us left to provide monies from such lavish checkbooks as
to supply this amount of cash. I betcha there will be many hands outstretched now that Louisiana and Nebraska have gotten theirs.

We must stop this madness!!!! Call, Fax, Write your reps and demand that this bill be stopped in its tracks. Since we the people have no idea what the bill contains, how can our elected reps vote for it and then expect to have us just march along blindly???
If your boss came to you with a folded paper and asked for your signature professing that if you sign it it would be good for you and the company, but not let you read it, would you do such a thing without knowing where your future in the company was headed. I do not think so, so why let them do this to you and me.
Stand up and shout for your rights and right to be heard without getting steamrolled in the process.


We the People deserve to be heard, now more than ever….

Merry Christmas to all……..


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