Is you Is or Is you Aint?????? Thats the question…..

In Political on December 15, 2009 at 7:45 pm

Congress – Senate……What will you do and what will you come up with?????

Are the American people gonna have this healthcare proposal/bill rammed down our throats just for the hell of it??? Just to make the Democratic party a sensation with no basis???

What will the radical left blogs do next after coming out against Joe Leibermann and his wife???

I can’t believe that these folks, these left bloggers are folks that you and I would want to invite home for dinner. What kind of satisfaction does one gain???

There are still so many questions to ask and so many answers to hear and read. The most disturbing aspect of this healthcare bill is that no-one seems to have it all in hand, many pages are still left un-read and for the publics benefit, unpublished. It’s kinda like keeping your family in the dark about family financial affairs, then asking for money, after you have squandered all the family fortune on yourself.
How nice is that?????

America – do not let these people pass this legislation that entangles 1/6th of the monetary value of this great nation. We will never be free from government control if this happens. The process of governmental control has to be reversed and lessened, not be added to as this will do.

WE THE PEOPLE are what count in this country, the constitution says the government works for us, not us working for the government. WE have to keep this in mind and our elected officials should be made keenly aware of our feelings in this direction.

Global warming is another farce, do not let our great country be punished by radicals who have no meaningful interest in this country’s welfare.

Stand up , fight for your rights before they all disappear.

Merry Christmas to all……


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