In Uncategorized on December 14, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Stand UP America and just say NO to this healthcare plan. Don’t let the government take away another freedom. Nowhere in our Constitution is there a passage that gives the government the right to make us have to enroll in healthcare. This action will remove your right to make up your own mind and forever take away our ability to choose. This country was born under this Constitution giving all of us the freedom to advance at our own pace and make our own decisions. remember these words – Give me Liberty or give me Death ? They are really taking on their real meaning in these times. Don’t lose sight of the meaning, it could cost you and your children etc, dearly.
Tell your senators to stop this madness and realize just what they will we doing to hamper our individual rights as time goes on.
Stop the radical left from socializing this country. Our forefathers gave their lives for these freedoms which we enjoy.

Stop and think, step back and take a deeper look into this program and see what mandatory health insurance really means. When the government is able to tell and demand what action you should and must take on any cause, you and I have lost the true meaning of FREEDOM. Once this has taken hold, there will be many more mandatory laws which will be phased in taking even more liberty away from each individual. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN…….

Merry Christmas to all……….


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