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In Uncategorized on December 11, 2009 at 7:27 pm

The Bells are Ringing America – It’s time to Wake Up…..

The budget is increasing, more money is being printed, talk of interest rate adjustment, health care before Christmas, that is if we let them ram it through while we have our eyes closed.

Please, call your reps and tell them we cannot let this come to pass. The USA as we know it will no longer be here. Our children will not recognize it since the histroy books are being re-written as we speak to reflect the “Fundamental Change” that the present administration is trying and it looks like, partially succeeding with. Parties on both sides of the isle are to blame. They have forgotten that we elected them to do our bidding, not have them write legislation that suits their body and not that of the whole USA.

We cannot let this happen to our wonderful country. This government is being run by folks that we have never heard of and have not had our reps duly vett.

Stand Up America – Lets not take it anymore…

Have a great weekend….



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