Spending your way to Prosperity !!!!……..

In Uncategorized on December 8, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Hi Folks – Can you Spend your way to Prosperity?
Has this method ever worked at your house or business??

Have you ever given your children money and later on asked for an accounting and was told – I don’t have it any more but I need more?

What kind of advice is this? I don’t understand how our President can give that kind of advice to a nation that is already so far into debt that we are not really able to see the end.

Why doesn’t our government see that we must start using our own resources, on our own land and in our own waters to create jobs so that more jobs can be created and not farmed out to other countries??

I think that the power of the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency’s power should be reduced. The Supreme Court some years ago gave it more power than it really needs. I feel that his agency is starting to hold a gun to our heads, especially with the advent of – Cap and Trade. If this policy is allowed to continue, it will bankrupt this country and our childrens future.

Start thinking about 2011 and what we the people can do to reclaim some of the rights that we stand to lose if we continue on this path.

The State controlled Media say nothing about the necessary items of news that are making you and me very angry. The radical press seems to preach sweetness and light when there really are dark times ahead if we do not pay attnetion.

Have a great week and keep a clear head….

ADmin/FBP, Inc


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