Climate Conference…?Carbon Dioxide?….What the Hell……..

In Political on December 8, 2009 at 9:55 am

What the Hell……Did you see the stats so far for Copenhagen……There is more Carbon dioxide being generated there now than in some small countries in this world of ours…How hypocritical can you get….moving hundreds of limos into Copenhagen to ferry these guys around when there is public transportation available to all. And how about all those private jets, WOW……is this cost on all the taxpayers of the various countries that are in attendance??? How do you feel about funding this farce?????

Why is our EPA going ahead with the warming change concerning CO2 when it has been debunked in so many e-mails that have been uncovered?? Maybe its the Presidents way of pleasing his left and all that may agree with this “Warming”. WE must contact our reps and let them know that all this is really not wanted by the bulk of the American folks. If they cannot be persuaded to look at this in the correct light, lets just go ahead and vote them out of office.

Think about this America….WE have to stop the impending downfall of our country due to the absolute mis-management that is happening before our very eyes.

Stand up and be counted – Let them know that we wont take it anymore.

Best regards to all……..


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