December 7th – Remembering seems to all but Forgotten………………Admin

In Uncategorized on December 7, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Hello Americans: Did you remember what happened today??? Did you hear what is happening today?..WE should not let this happen again and we should not let our Navy Seals get Courts Martialed either.

Copenhagen is not going to let this country off lightly in our opinion. The media on the left says nothing about the discoveries of the bad e-mails concerning Global Warming and its real issues. Our president is due to appear there on the 18th and maybe buckle under to the demands of people who do not have our interests at heart. This cause cannot be let to over-ride the country and send us into further chaos financially. Let your reps know how bad this cause is.
What are your feelings about Amanda Knox – Guilty or Innocent…Her family is really in dire straits financially. Our opinion is that she is – “Not Guilty”.
It’s a railroad job of the worst kind…

More tomorrow – C U then..

Admin/FBP, Inc


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