The Jobs Fair…A Fairy Tale?????/………Admin

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Hello America: What’s with the JOB Fair. No one of any consequence was in attendance except the President. Where were the real people that will add jobs to our country, the small business owners, the better corporations that will contribute so much knowledge that is so needed in these times. Where were they???? Not invited – Unbelievable.

Do you want to make opportunities for people, reduce the corporate income taxes, reduce the capitol gains taxes, let business re-invest their profits so as to provide more product for sale and increase the numbers of folks to make the increase in product demand. Do not place higher taxes on already overtaxed small business. We need freedom for business to grow not devisive taxes that drive down productivity.

Why is there no room for folks who have great business experience to voice their opinions in the climate. It seems that the folks in power want more control over you and me and the only way to achieve that is to oppress with more taxation and regulation.

Lets stop this madness – Stand Up and tell your reps in the congress that they had better change their ways or lose their cherished positions of quasi law making to suit themselves.

Think about it folks – we need to have good foresight in these times. Don’t be mis-led by facts that are wrong or non-existent.

The climate control issue is one that really requires level headedness. We now know that a lot of what has been published is garbage and the men who published this data were only out to line their pockets with ill gotten gains at our expense. Stop this movement before its too late for all.




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